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Revolutionising the Workplace Dining Experience in Edinburgh

Gone are the days of dreary staff cafeterias with lunch served from hotplates and clunky vending machines. Overcooked food and sugary snacks no longer satisfy the discerning tastes of modern employees.

But in this new era of the workplace, where demand for flexibility, functionality and freedom of choice have never been greater, where does on-site dining sit? How does it look and feel? What role does it play in the office experience?

The Modern Workspace: A New Identity

As the boundary between work and social life becomes increasingly fluid, with ‘out-of-office’ experiences influencing the ‘in-office’ environment, workplaces are increasingly embracing the principles of the modern lifestyle as they re-emerge post-pandemic. With emphasis on connection and wellbeing, the role of the physical workspace has shifted to represent a far more dynamic environment where collaboration, creativity and comfort converge to enhance productivity and wellbeing.


Within this new world of work, the modern employee demands choice. A freedom to choose not only how they conduct their work or attend meetings, but also in the way they eat and drink. Having onsite food and beverage amenities has evolved from being an employee perk to an essential element in fostering a thriving, sociable workplace post-pandemic.

Catering to a Diverse Workforce

The food and drink needs of the modern workforce have undergone a significant transformation in the last few years alone. Today's employees are looking for more than just sustenance during their workday; they crave diverse, vibrant and nourishing options that suit their lifestyle, align with their values and meet their dietary needs.

They want to eat in a way that’s both good for their bodies and good to the planet. According to an Economist Intelligence Unit study, 83% of employees are more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues. From ingredients to packaging, conscious consumerism is just as prevalent inside the workplace as it is outside.

And beyond what employees are eating, food in the workplace needs to support how employees want to eat. Food and drink amenities must be flexible and available on-demand, suited to the fluidity of the modern work schedule. Convenience is key, with 90% of workplaces that provide food observing an increase in attendance, highlighting just how significant a role ease plays in cultivating a commute-worthy environment.

A New Approach to the Workplace Dining Experience

The workplace is more dynamic and diverse than ever before, with dated food solutions not equipped to meet the wants and needs of the modern employee. We believe in a workplace eating experience that rolls flavour, freshness, convenience and sustainability into a bespoke solution with a food offering tailored to the new age of work.

With our new on-site meal service, CANTEEN KIOSK, buildings and businesses can provide on-demand access to exceptional quality food, without the cost or commitment of an in-house facility. Delicious, chef-prepared meals delivered daily by cargo-bike to your very own in-office outpost, nurturing an environment where your people can connect and thrive.

Find Out More

Are you interested in exploring how daily on-site meals could enhance your workspace? Get in touch.



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