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On a mission to revolutionise the workweek lunch.

About Us


Our work schedules are getting busier and our lunch breaks are getting shorter. We're determined to turn 'al-desko' meal deal dining culture on its head by making fresh food more convenient to busy people during the week. Simple, nutritious food, made and delivered with care, to build happier, healthier and more productive workplaces.


Our Story

Growing up, my Mum owned delis. So food featured heavily in our house. When we were lucky, samples would make their way home and into our lunch boxes.

After leaving Uni to work in an office, I can't say I felt the same excitement towards lunchtime. Convenience was the number one priority, which meant processed, plastic-wrapped and devoid of flavour, often eaten in a rush over a laptop keyboard.

I started CANTEEN to create an office food solution that would make eating well during the week easy. Convenience partnered with quality, sustainability, and most importantly, flavour.


CANTEEN's mission is to make nourishing food accessible in every workplace, for the good of our bodies and businesses alike.

Romy, Founder

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